Outpatient Physical Therapy 

Core Physical Medicine provides outpatient orthopedic physical therapy for clients in Madison County, Metro East area, and St. Clair County. Our outpatient treatment program helps relieve pain and increase strength in weakened or damaged areas of the body.

What is outpatient physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a process of rehabilitation, of regaining strength and movement in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones after surgery, serious injury, or other recurring ailments. Physical therapy helps restore your range of motion and flexibility to areas of limited mobility.

Who needs outpatient physical therapy?

Orthopedic outpatient physical therapy is ideal for anyone suffering from a loss of movement or strength in their muscles or bones. CORE Physical Medicine doctors commonly treat patients suffering from:

  • Sports and work-related injuries
  • Automobile injuries
  • Post-surgical weakness
  • Common painful conditions, such as arthritis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

Our Approach to Physical Therapy

Orthopedic therapy blends workout routines and stretching with special equipment to build strength and increase the ease of movement. We typically facilitate one of two physical therapy workouts, closed-chain or proprioceptive. Closed-chain workouts help patients achieve muscular balance and strength. Proprioceptive workouts also focus on muscle strength, along with increased control, agility, and position awareness. Paired with these workouts, patients use equipment such as stationary bicycles, weightlifting machines, stretching machines and treadmills to rebuild a normal, functioning body. We also educate patients on how to manage their own workout routines beyond work with a therapist.


Patient Testimonials

John Watts says...

After three weeks of therapy, I felt like a new person. The best thing about CORE? They weren't pushy.

New Patient Consultation

Receive a free one-on-one comprehensive orthopedic and neurological evaluation with a doctor.
CORE Physical Medicine Wellness Center

Our Facilities

Visit our back pain relief centers in Edwardsville and Millstadt to learn about the benefits of chiropractic care and discover longterm back pain relief.
CORE Physical Medicine Wellness Center

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We offer a full range of pain relief services including back pain, neck pain, and rehabilitation services. We don’t like to think of ourselves as chiropractors - we prefer pain relief specialists. Our service area includes Madison County, the Metro East area, and southwestern St. Clair County.

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